Friday, August 8, 2008


Body count: 6 humans (yaaaayyyy), 2 dogs (booooooooo)

"White boy, PLEASE!"

Fun night. Good monster. Emotionless lead character. Great winos. 45 straight minutes of the emotionless lead character walking around and talking to the great winos.

But here's what I'm really talkin' about:

That Hy Pyke is a motherfucker. I know I talked him up big in the intro, but I stand by every word of it. Is it safe to say there's never been another performance like this on film? I mean jesus christ.

I also like the married couple who bickered before getting slaughtered 10 minutes in. But I'd have liked them even more if they were both played by Hy Pyke.

In addition to King Pyke, I really do love the creature effects in the movie. So did the filmmakers, as they used the monster's image in every possible way when getting the promotions together for the film. They even made a SLITHIS SURVIVAL KIT which they gave away at select LA screenings:

...but read the fine print:

Clearly, any theater running the film would have certainly had another movie on screen three weeks later when the hordes of rabid SLITHIS fans came a-knockin' for their cards. Still, I want one.

Here's some more stuff I stumbled across while on my enduring quest to document the history of the SLITHIS:

Slithis' first steps.

Slithis' first day at school.

...Also, this inexplicably came up when I did an image search under "SLITHIS":

Yeccch. I need something to wash that bad taste out of my eyes. What shall I use? Hmmm, let's see...

Ahhh. There we go.

* * * * * * *

See you all at The Ritz this Sunday at 7:00 for NINJA ANNIHILATION WAR - FREE!

This '87 brain-rending treasurebomb has NEVER BEEN SEEN BEFORE BY ANYONE, and is truly the most power-kick-punchoblasting maniakkotronic masterchop overbang of ALL MOVIES EVER TIME!!!!!!!!!!

Stay blood,