Friday, August 22, 2008


Body count: 11...or an entire town, depending on how you look at it. Me, I'm a glass-is-half-full type, so I opt for the latter.

Look at that poster. That's a nice poster. It's scary and respectable, but in the art way, not a gorilla in a tuxedo way.

Some people are divided on DEAD & BURIED; maybe the creepy storybook mystery angle doesn't appeal to the gut-maniac set. It sure seems like masterpiece material to me. Especially (as noted last night) ol' Jack Albertson as Dobbs. Quite possibly one of the greatest old men in the whole history of movies.

What a delightful, wrinkly charmer.

One thing I foolishly neglected to mention was the incredible make-up effects from the recently deceased and forever unequalled Stan Winston. His multi-step reconstruction of the dead hitchhiker's mug is the kinda thing that makes me want to throw every CGI-belching computer out of Hollywood's windows. A true hero of biological fakery!

And that wasn't the only superfeat Winston pulled off. There's also this:

...this (which earns points for yecchness if not realism):

...and of course the crowdpleasing:

This is a movie that really hates eyeballs.

I've never heard of a movie hating on eyeballs so hard. Even the Italian horror film EYEBALL is less vicious towards eyeballs. It's crazy.

Anyway, DEAD & BURIED is a king among kings and I think everyone loved it, and people who aren't totally behind this movie are just beggin' for some serious eyeball violence.

I wasn't just blowing smoke about director Sherman's much more hyperactive, skeezed-out megamegamasterpiece VICE SQUAD...look for that in the November/December Terror Thursday calendar. It's the grimiest, most foul-hearted action/exploitation movie you'll ever see and your hunger for sex will be canceled for the rest of your life.

Next week:

Big theater or bust!!!!

Stay blood,