Friday, October 3, 2008


Hello, old pals. It's been a long time since the work avalanche has subsided enough to allow computering time, much less sleeping/eating/breathing time, but rather than bathe, I'm returnin' to business!

Last night we were fortunate enough to be joined by filmmaker/goodtimer Steve Barnett and his movie MINDWARP, which featured 17 on-screen kills, a bathtub full of thirst-quenching blood and the historical pairing of the mighty ANGUS SCRIMM and BRUCE CAMPBELL!

Though the cast and gore vied for the ultimate adoration of the audience, I think the star of this movie is its hatred and distrust of technology. I'm a sucker for anything that waves its fist at the modern age. But especially when it shows how limp everyone's become because of modern conveniences. Fuck that business...I cut my lawn with scissors.

This is a movie that mankind can learn a lot from, but we won't.

Here's some of Mr. Barnett's crowd-pleasing (video courtesy Anne Heller):

Again, a huge thanks to you guys and Steve Barnett for coming out. Please join us this coming Thursday, October 9 to bust a hang at the TEEN WITCH Sing-Along (9:30 PM) and the Terror Thursday screening of the incredible ANGUISH with the hardest working woman in the horror business, the lovely, lilliputian Mz. Zelda Rubinstein!:

See you there!

Stay blood,

PS: Here's the best photo you get if you type "MINDWARP" and "BARNETT" in Google Image Search: